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          A better Tuesday lunch

          Titta s? trevlig lunch vi hade idag! Det bl?ste verkligen STORM ute s? det var mysigt att sitta inne och ?ta en massa gott med tv? fina v?nner. <3 Tror nog att Daniel ocks? tyckte det, ?ven om det inte syns. ;-) Det var Daniel som bj?d med mig och Dani p? lunch p? Arnold’s och vi b?rjade med att dela p? ett par f?rr?tter d?r min favorit var laxchevichen. Burratan var ocks? riktigt god! Till huvudr?tt ?t jag av b?de kik?rtspannkakan, fisken och pommes, och sedan blev det ?ven efterr?tt d?r min favorit var ?ppelpajen med kanelglass. MUMS vilken lyxlunch.

          Fun fact: denna lokal var tidigare en nattklubb som jag h?ngde mycket p? i mina yngre dar haha. Hade min studentskiva d?r n?r jag var 18 och ?ven min 20-?rsfest, och nu satt jag d?r n?stan 9 ?r senare med min lilla son i kn?t. Nu n?r jag t?nker efter var vi ?ven d?r natten Aleks friade till mig (vi drog dit efter min 25-?rsfest) s? jag har m?nga goda minnen d?rifr?n haha!

          Nu har jag nattat Nikola och sitter och v?ntar p? att Aleks ska komma hem fr?n jobbet. Vill s? g?rna se ett avsnitt av Messiah men det kanske blir f?r sent…. Taxin kommer n?mligen 7.30 imorgon och det ?r dags f?r pl?tning igen!

          // Look what a nice lunch we had today! It was a STORM outside so it was cozy to sit inside and eat lots of good stuff with two dear friends. <3 I think Daniel thought so too, even though it doesn’t show. ;-) Daniel invited me and Dani for a lunch at Arnold’s and we started with sharing some starters and my favorite was the salmon ceviche. The burrata was also delicious! For main I ate from both the chickpea pancake, the fish and fries, and then we also had dessert and my favorite was the apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. YUM what a luxurious lunch.?

          Fun fact: this place used to be a nightclub that I spent a lot of time at in my younger days haha. I had my graduation party there when I was 18 and also my 20th birthday party, and now I sat there almost 9 years later with my little son in my lap. Now when I think about it we were also there the night Aleks proposed to me (we went there after my 25th birthday party) so I have many good memories from that place haha!

          Now I’ve put Nikola to sleep and I’m waiting for Aleks to come home from work. I really want to see an episode of Messiah but maybe it will be too late…. My taxi is coming at 7.30 tomorrow and it’s time for a new photoshoot!

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          SPRING INSPO

          *inl?gget inneh?ller reklaml?nkar till Ivyrevel

          Dress here?

          Sweater here, skirt here, pants here

          Dress here, sweater here

          Dress here, coat here

          S?h?r kommer jag kl? mig i v?r! Dvs i flera olika nyanser av beige, gr?tt och vitt. ?lskar att k?ra en hel look i samma f?rg men i olika nyanser. Det ser s? genomt?nkt ut d? tycker jag! Bar en av looksen ovan idag, den med de beiga byxorna, samt en kamelf?rgad kappa ?ver. Hade till och med med mig kameran f?r att fota till bloggen (t?nkte f?rs?ka bl?sa lite liv i outfitkategorin igen) n?r jag var iv?g och lunchade med Dani men det gick ?t helvete f?r Nikola var p? sitt v?rsta hum?r n?gonsin idag. :-))) B?ttre f?rs?k n?sta g?ng. Vi fick iallafall en v?lbeh?vlig nap ihop p? n?stan 2 timmar (!) n?r vi kom hem s? nu m?r vi b?da lite b?ttre igen.

          Nu ska vi ?ta upp g?rdagens rester och titta p? Messiah! Vi b?rjade titta p? den ig?r och den ?r s? j?kla bra. Finns p? Netflix!

          // This is how I will dress this spring! With that I mean different shades of beige, grey and white. I love going for a whole look in the same color but different shades. I think it looks good! I wore one of these looks today, the one with the beige pants, with a camel colored coat over. I even brought my camera with me to take photos for my blog (I thought I was going to breathe some life into the outfit category again) when I was out for lunch with Dani but that didn’t go well at all because Nikola was on his worst mood today. :-))) Better try next time. We did get a well-needed nap together for almost 2 hours (!) when we got home so now we’re both feeling a bit better again.

          Now we’re gonna eat up yesterday’s left-overs and watch Messiah! We started watching it yesterday and it is so damn good. You can watch it on Netflix!

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          Tonight’s dinner

          Vi hade min mamma och bror ?ver p? middag ikv?ll och detta var vad vi ?t! Riktigt gott. Det var s? himla m?nga som fr?gade efter receptet p? insta s? jag t?nkte att jag postar det h?r! :-)

          Salladen bestod av:

          Vi k?rde s?tpotatisen och pumpan i ugnen (i bitar) och halloumin stektes i bitar. Sen bara blanda med det andra! SUPERL?TT. Beh?ver inte skriva ut m?tt f?r man tar s? mycket man vill ha liksom. Sen kan man ha vad man vill till, vi hade falafel och br?d, samt paprikar?ra, hummus & en ?rts?s (som bestod av 3 dl turkisk yoghurt, en halv kruka f?rsk persilja, en halv kruka f?rsk basilika, en halv citron samt lite salt & peppar). :-)

          Nu n?r vi ska f?rs?ka g? tillbaka till att ?ta mindre k?tt s? bli detta en ny favoritr?tt att k?ra lite d? och d?! Skulle ni tycka det var kul om jag delade med mig av fler recept h?r p? bloggen? S?g att m?nga fr?gat efter Aleks friterade “munkar” t.ex. s? det kanske blir n?sta matpost.

          // We had my mom and brother over for dinner tonight and this is what we had! It was delicious. So many asked for the recipe on instagram so I thought I could post it here! :-)

          The salad was made of:
          Sweet potato
          Butternut squash
          Cherry tomatoes?
          Pumpkin seeds
          Olive oil

          We did the sweet potato and butternut squash in the oven (in pieces) and fried the halloumi in a pan. Then just mix it with the rest of the stuff! SO EASY. No need to write how much of each ingrediens because you take as much as you want. Then you can serve it with anything, we ate it with falafel and bread, plus hummus and herb sauce (which was made of turkish yoghurt, parsley, basil, lemon and some salt & pepper). :-)

          Now that we’re gonna try to go back to eating less meat, this will be a new favorite dish to do every now and then! Would you like me to post more recipes here on my blog? Would that be fun? For example many have asked about Aleks fried “donuts” so maybe that will be the next food post.

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